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TKS ‘s Co-Founder; Gabriel Allred: The Tokes Team…

TKS ‘s Co-Founder; Gabriel Allred: The Tokes Team has launched Release Candidate 3 of our Merchant Gateway point of sale software. An overview of the current feature set is summarized below!

-Price conversion from US dollars to equivalent value in Tokes (TKS), Bitcoin (BTC) or Litecoin (LTC)— additional fiat currencies can be added easily. Currently, the app queries order books on Bittrex for current market price, along with depth on the buy side of the order book — creates a single invoiced order and “cart” for each transaction, along with total settlement value. This has an easy checkout process using QR codes scannable by our Tokes Mobile Wallet or Waves Wallet.

-Product, product category, and inventory management. Allows the merchant to easily add product category, price, and ID numbers

-Dashboard of sales data and widgets. Displays regularly queried sales analytics (e.g., month over month sales, top selling products, highest grossing salesperson)

-Trade processing and settlement

-Employee sales management

-Sales and accounting data export (in either CSV or JSON)

-Deployable on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices as a React Native application

🚀For more information on recent additions to the software, check out our latest newsletter at https://medium.com/tokesplatform/tokes-platform-newsletter-february-2019-merchant-gateway-updates-event-activations-and-more-9eba9191eb

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