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TRON Launches Accelerator Program for DApp Developers

Decentralized Internet project TRON (TRX) is launching a $1 million accelerator program to support developers building DApps and products on the TRON protocol, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph Nov. 16. The initiative aims to facilitate consumer adoption of blockchain technology through TRON’s ecosystem following the recent acquisition …

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Crimea Considers Blockchain Center for Anonymous Foreign Investments to Avoid Sanctions

Crimean authorities are considering creating a blockchain-cluster that would support investment platforms allowing foreign investors to work in sanctioned countries anonymously, major state-operated Russian news agency TASS reported Nov. 16. Previously this week, the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Crimea under the President of the Russian Federation, Georgy Muradov, …

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How to Recover Your Wallet if Your Private Keys Are Lost

Before the internet brought us dog videos and your grandmother’s Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) updates, losing money was a traumatic experience. Dropping $20 meant you’d probably never see it again – all you’d have left is that unmistakable sensation of feeling stupid. At least in the fiat world, it’s become a little …

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EOS Proves Yet Again That Decentralization Is Not Its Priority

Recently, Blockchain protocol EOS became subject of a new scandal: its governance model was questioned, as evidence showing a moderator reversing transactions which had already been confirmed surfaced on Reddit. Crypto community was triggered once again, but perhaps it is time to face it: EOS is not really decentralized. At …

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Four Fake Cryptocurrency Wallets Found on Google Play Store

Malware researcher Lukas Stefanko has found four fake cryptocurrency wallets on the Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Play Store that were trying to steal users’ personal data, according to a blog post published Nov. 13. The apps were posing as cryptocurrency wallets for NEO, Tether and an extension for accessing Ethereum (ETH), MetaMask. …

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