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IOP ‘s Founder; Dieter Klomfass: DEV UPDATE JUNE…

IOP ‘s Founder; Dieter Klomfass: DEV UPDATE JUNE 2019

A little update from the last developement sprint.


  • The backend API now has endpoints for creating vaults; creating, listing, editing DIDs.
  • The UI is now completely refactored with bootstrap-vue, and extended with DID creation, list and edit functionality. The UI is now integrated with the backend API, so we now can use real API not just a mock server.
  • We researched and PoCd several so called bundlers for electron, but we hit many issues integrating the UI. In the end, it looks like the clear winner is electron-webpack which has only problem with bootstrap-vue integration, but the authors were very helpful and they provided a solution in the next minor release.
  • We successfully integrated our backend into electron-webpack and we synchronised the Rust and the NodeJS threading models.
  • We extended our Morpheus DID specification with explanation of claims and grants.

Next Sprint Goals:

  • Integrating the UI so have a complete, unix compatible application.
  • Extending the functionality with some basic claim handling and endpoint authentication.

So in 2 weeks, the time has come. Everyone will be able to download and install the very first demo of Prometheus v0.1 from our public github repository.

If you want to get in touch with us, join our discord or telegram chat:


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