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HOT ‘s Core Dev; Nico Luck: Holochain Dev Pulse 09…

HOT ‘s Core Dev; Nico Luck: Holochain Dev Pulse 09 — Responsive User Interfaces and Meaningful Links

Distributed apps need to feel as responsive as traditional apps, and outdo them on privacy and security in order to make inroads into the lives of everyday users.

Happy New Year to our community! We hope you spent time enjoying the holidays — we did too! This week’s work was on the modest side; you will find the Github activity lighter with fewer commits and pull requests as our devs were getting a well-deserved break. They will be back in full force next week and returning to their regular development cadence.

We’re currently laying the groundwork for two important pieces; capabilities-based security, which we discussed last week, and ‘signals’ (or notifications), which we’ll address later in the pulse. Distributed apps need a lively, responsive experience with strong personal safeguards in order to become the choice of everyday users.

We’re also introducing a Holochain 101 educational section in this pulse to help developers become more familiar with Holochain core concepts.

More in the full pulse: https://medium.com/holochain/responsive-user-interfaces-and-meaningful-links-b491e7a31de1

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