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Hard Forks are Destabilizing to Cryptocurrencies, Study Says

Although hard forks have brought about large contenders in the cryptocurrency space, like Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, they’ve also resulted in a massive amount of drama, which we’re now seeing as Bitcoin Cash approaches its own unconventional and highly controversial fork.

A new study published in Springer’s Environmental Systems and Decisions journal called Cryptocurrency: governance for what was meant to be ungovernable appears to confirm this, analyzing over 800 unique forks of different coins based on Bitcoin. Spearheading the research effort, lead author Benjamin Trump found that some of these software changes have damaged the stability of cryptocurrencies.

“At a minimum, hard fork growth presents a potential roadblock to the mainstream adoption of select cryptocurrencies and, potentially, a threat to the cryptocurrency’s ability to maintain a stable and predictable operating platform that is essential to its use as a guarantor for …

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