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DAG ‘s CEO; Ben Jorgensen: Good Morning Community!…

DAG ‘s CEO; Ben Jorgensen: Good Morning Community!

What an exciting week last week! A lot of great engagement and momentum from the community – it really makes us all excited on our end. It is fun to see the positivity and conversations spin up!

Last week, VP of BD – Benjamin Diggles posted a good synopsis (https://youtu.be/F60oNd3fhh8) of our response to the United States Air Force RFP (https://bit.ly/2OPaBAp) around interoperability between legacy systems and emerging data systems. This has huge commercial implications in addition to the government’s needs. The whole world is starting to deal with outdated IT infrastructure that has bad, lost, and unsecured data. This is a big use case and RFP by the USAF – which has the largest budget in the DoD with Big Data as their main problem.

Exciting news today! @CryptoFaux led the way in getting us approved by ParJar. We are really excited to be working with ParJar as it will allow us to seamlessly reward the community with $DAG. Over the past several months, we have put a lot of effort into rebuilding the community and building a stronger dynamic – this is just one more step! ParJar is a Telegram wallet and tip bot that works with /tip messages.

We will also be the first partner of ParJar’s to do a custom native integration once we do the main net swap in October! We are really excited about this as this will be a game-changer as we continue to build.

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