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DAG ‘s CEO; Ben Jorgensen: Good Morning All!In…

DAG ‘s CEO; Ben Jorgensen: Good Morning All!

In celebration and honor of the Apollo 11 Anniversary going on right now, we are releasing our proposal and response to a NASA request for proposal (RFP) that our VP of Business Development, Benjamin Diggles, has so elegantly put together.

Constellation is blockchain for big data. (technically we aren’t a blockchain – but you all already know it).

We waited some time to post this proposal as we first wanted to plant a seed with our vision so that everyone could better understand individual use cases like the NASA RFP for innovative approaches to model based systems engineering (MBSE). Secondly, we wanted to provide a clear understanding of our token model and how partnerships are revered and treated. Both of these statements have helped frame use cases pertinent to Constellation.

This is one exciting piece to read and hopefully it will start to bridge the gap on how we, Constellation, are looking at deploying our technology and one approach to partnerships we see as potentially fruitful.

NASA: Innovation around Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Overview Video by Benjamin Diggles: https://youtu.be/9paefLyeV68

Constellation & NASA Proposal – https://bit.ly/2XzJMEq
Research Institute Letter of Intent – https://bit.ly/2S6mznn
NASA Briefing Chart – https://bit.ly/2XF52sg

Thanks you all!

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