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Crypto Remains One of The Most Advantageous Tools for Finding Investors, Says Anar Babaev of ICOBox

Q: Nick Evdokimov’s departure came as a great surprise to the crypto community. What were his reasons for this move?
A: The reality is that Nick has not actually been involved in the company’s operations or management since late 2017, when he turned toward other projects. And it is exactly because of how busy he was that he decided that it would be best to officially announce his leave to prevent potential rumors. Nick retains his stake in ICOBox, but he has not participated in the company’s affairs for almost a year.
Q: What changes did Nick’s withdrawal bring about?
A: To answer this question, we need to step back and look at the time the company was first established and at the personality of its founder Nick Evdokimov – he is a visionary, an idea generator, a serial entrepreneur not unlike Elon Musk or Travis Kalanick. To a great degree his life is dedicated to looking for, and finding new solutions for hot market issues. This brings him great satisfaction and, it must be said, he’s very good at it. And he is well aware of that, so if you look at all of his projects, they are built on cooperation and synergy between people of different stripes, from very diverse walks of life.

But operational management has never been of much interest to him, it’s not what makes him tick. That’s why Nick’s departure brought very few if any significant changes. Moreover, even without him, the company kept growing, reaching ever higher marks. Compared to 2017, the number of our clients grew four-fold – we are currently working with over 60 clients.

Among them are projects that we helped launch their ICOs, companies for whom we developed their tokenomics, and those for whom we wrote White Papers. Over the past year, our clients were able to collect $270 million, and this year this number will be 2.5 greater – and all of this despite the deep crisis in the crypto industry. These days the company runs as per usual and we are delivering on all our obligations to our clients.
Q: Nick Evdokimov’s reputation is not the most undisputable on the market.
A: I have seen some of these accusations, so I know what you’re talking about. I am not exactly qualified to give my opinion on Nick’s work outside of ICOBox. The media coverage concerned his projects Decenturion and Cryptonomics Capital, which have never be…

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