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ARO ‘s Lead Developer; AroDev: We have been…

ARO ‘s Lead Developer; AroDev: We have been investigating the reports from some users whose coins have been stolen. While our analysis did not conclusively discover the full extent of what happened, we did find some phishing sites for the webwallet, and we found security leaks in the web and java / android wallet that may have resulted in full exposure of private / public key pairs. Any wallet created or loaded in the web wallet or java / android wallet is potentially impacted; all the alternate wallets are now deprecated and it is imperative that any user that has used them install either the CLI or the GUI Lightwallet (https://www.arionum.com/), generate new wallets and transfer their coins to the new wallets as soon as possible. If anyone has trouble with the classic wallets, please DM us and we’ll help you set them up.
There is no evidence at this time to suggest that the CLI or GUI Lightwallets are impacted, and any wallets created and maintained exclusively in those tools remain safe to the best of our knowledge.
Moving forward, we are carefully reviewing the alternative wallet code to ensure there are no additional security leaks, and do not recommend their use until that process has completed. We thank you for your patience and attention in this matter.

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