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ARO ‘s Lead Developer; AroDev: price [>0] -…

ARO ‘s Lead Developer; AroDev: price [>0] – If a price is set, the original asset wallet can only sell it at a specific price. Everyone else can sell at any price. The price is especially meant as a protection for the people who acquire the asset. For example, a shared masternode asset should not be able to sell its units cheaper and devalue the original buyers.

dividend-only [yes/no] – This option ensures the asset wallet can only distribute its aro as dividends to all asset holders. It cannot send the coins directly.

autodividend [yes/no] – Every 10000 blocks, the wallet balance is distributed automatically to all asset holders

allow-bid [yes/no] – Allow this asset wallet to buy other assets on the market. This might be needed with the dividend-only option, to remove a loophole.

For the start, we’ll be using the big and long ID for the asset, but in the future the wallets will also show the alias which will probably be simpler for the users to use.

For sure there are bugs and some things will change by the time we exit the testnet, please test and report to me any bugs you’ve found.

The documentation is scarce, but we’ll work on improving it in the next weeks.

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